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    Here is your chance to introduce your character so that we may approach him or her accordingly. If no ideas, then how about starting with the fundamentals: Name, race, element or magical affinity, job or class, and maybe background. Age is optional. It is quite of the better to have a record here. We in the Order are family and should properly know each other. If you have a separate site affiliated to your character please post the link alongside your profile here.
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    Sakuraba Ryuichiro
    Sakuraba Ryuichiro

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    Name: 櫻場 龍一路 (Sakuraba Ryuichiro), but please call him by Sakuraba (his last name) unless the storyline would make you close to him which allows you to call him by his first name or to give him a nickname (like Ryu-chan, Cherry-kun, etc.)

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 49 kg
    Eye Color: Left (Red), Right (Black)
    Body Type: Slim, Not too muscular; more of a teenager

    Race: Human (Neutral)
    Element: Sanctus (Light), Umbra (Dark), Memoria (Time-Space/Dimensional) [Manifests when his Other, Charon, is around.]
    Weapon: Scythe, one of the twin guns Megido Fire


    A former student from a faraway dorm. He has short raven spikes with cherry red tips and a waist-long ponytail, often seen smoking and has a silver gun, half of the twin guns Megido Fire, which he uses to summon his Other named Charon, The Guide of the Fallen. He is searching for a certain pinkhead that carries Polaris; a weapon consisting of a series of chain links housing an amethyst charm. This pinkhead has the other half of the twin guns; marking the bond that they will gravitate towards each other no matter what happens in the future. Aside from searching for his 'aibou' (greater than a best friend; more like partners or equals that one cannot exist without the other), he is also trying to identify his purpose in life, deciding that he will not be confined in the perimeter of his home city, Edo. He entered the Order in hopes of getting information about the pinkhead's whereabouts. Often seen wearing an old gakuran (school uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt, a collared black school coat, a white and gold lapel pin bearing his former school's emblem, black dress pants and brushed black leather shoes), one can assume that he is underaged, yet his mature (though he can be quite a kid sometimes) persona and a rather incessant smoking habit makes people think otherwise (or, tag him as a rebellious one). Scrawny as he may seem, he materializes a scythe as a weapon and wields it with ease; he just utilizes his gun to shoot himself and summon Charon. He shoots the tattoo on his left neck [Koori no Hoshi (lit. Star of Ice)] to call forth his Other to aid him in battle (in actuality, Charon is also indispensable in other things such as chores and stuff that his 'semi-mirror image' cannot possibly accomplish by himself)

    His Deathbringer memories are getting clearer, though he does not seem to accept it. This explains the crimson left eye that shows the look of a person when he/she dies, although for some reason, he cannot identify the time and place of death. He opted to hide the said eye under his bangs, his right onyx orb the only one showing. Along with it, he sends the souls of the dead by summoning Charon to guide them across Styx and to the Underworld for a price, in blood or, as the his story unfolds, other things, such as a coin, sushi, or in rare cases, a kiss. He could get a given area transported to the riverbanks of Styx to prevent terrain damage at a high price. His Other often lurks (in an extremely bored manner) in his unconscious mind, but when he materializes, Charon could be seen as his pseudo-twin having a slight tan skin, hidden right eye, a key staff, and a distinct absence of a very long ponytail.

    He is often deemed as unfit to be an assassin due to his aloof, as-if-I-care attitude, not to mention his fraility without his Other. Unable to cast magic by himself, he utilizes Charon to perform Holy (Sanctus type), Dark (Umbra type) and time-space (Memoria type) magic. He treats Charon as his companion rather than a tool, for in actuality, Charon is him as well. He resists Fire and is capable of flying (due to his Other's abilities), though Ice weakens him due to traumatic memories of being left alone in snow. He absorbs Darkness and is badly hurt by Holy magic for some reason, though cathedral crosses and holy relics does not affect him.

    His battle style is almost like dancing, brandishing his scythe, and is capable of wielding the said weapon with just one hand. His gun is uncapable of doing damage, though its history tells that the gun can shoot without bullets.

    He often addresses everyone with high regard (attaching -dono to names) and is quite formal, though he is usually ticked by people who comments about his near feminine looks, which causes him to blush unnoticeably. His Other seems to have taken a liking of him, often doing weird things like incessant groping and lashing out insane comments.

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    Character Description

    Profile Analysis:
    Name: Premesi Wenailo Tool (aka. Pw).
    Race: Dhampir with rumored angel blood thought to be of Odins decent.
    Age: His memory reaches over 1,700 years but is blockaded due to heavy trauma sustained in battle. Actual age is possibly over 3,200 years. A wealth of knowledge could lie within what remains locked in his head.
    Class: Ranger.
    Primary Arsenal: Vast knowledge of martial arts as well as hand to hand combat using energy transference. Primary weapons are his throwing knives which are made of an unknown alloy that creates an edge that is incredibly sharp, similar to obsidian. They are housed in the leather cross belts across his chest.
    Secondary Arsenal: "Luft-Spalten" a.k.a. Air Splitter, a composite bow blessed by the spirit of winds allowing the owner to control arrows in flight.
    Auxiliary Arsenal: Two bone daggers given by the Ethereal, Aesper, two shadow daggers given by Sir Rai otherwise known as GrimRanger, and the legendary Damascus crafted Excalibur sword.
    -Ability to control winds on a personal and local scale
    -Extreme energy cashing and transference
    -Extreme speed
    -Accelerated regeneration
    -Mastered alchemy, hunting, tracking, and silence.
    -As a gift from Aesper and favor from Aiegis, brother of Aesper, Premesi was granted the ability to tap into the ether and was taught how to manipulate matter and energy.

    Late twenties. Light brown hair with a trimmed beard. Height, 5'8", weight, 175 lbs. Athletic build with a defined upper body and arms and chiseled leg, quad, and calf muscles. Deep sapphire eyes, strong brow and shapely, attractive eyebrows. Strong jawline and chin. Broad shoulders and strong hands. sleek and muscular legs.

    Light cotton shirts. Two belts that cross from shoulder to opposite hip meeting at the sternum and mid back. Pants are black, brown, or red boot cut leather/jean. Shoes are low top, low sole, leather/suede material. Leather longcoat. Dual quivers: one at the back and one at the leg.

    Pw is a very light hearted individual. He is usually smiling or laughing and always makes jokes to lighten the most serious of moods. He fights with a focused tenacity and is very stern with anyone who falls out of line. Due to his memory loss, he has visions and dreams of his past that he cant quite piece together. These visions tend to have certain triggers that can lead him trailing off in thought. The visions include previous battles, places, and faces. One reoccurring face is that of a young woman with long black hair, fair complexion, slim body, kind face, blinding smile, and a beautiful voice.

    -High Ranger of the Order.
    -Centaur, a Mid-rank member in the Covenant of Sagittarius, a very, if not the most, renown council of rangers and hunters alike. Under the direct tutelage of Lord Perseus, Premesi serves as liaison between the Covenant and the Order.
    -Current Magistrate of Arcane.

    ~Profiles~ ShortArrowshatter


    -Premesi Wenailo Tool's story began in the aftermath of a large battlefield 1732 years ago. After taking a near fatal blow, he was left unconscious and bleeding under a pile of slain warriors. Found by a wheeler of a death cart, Premesis motionless body was hurried to the field doctors in an attempt to spare his life. After long hours of surgery, he was relocated to a nearby mountain range township by the name of Shtellen. The family of the town physician volunteered to take him in and bring him back to health. Several days had passed before he regained consciousness but when he came to, all of his memories were under a tight fog. All that he managed to recollect was his name and instinctual warrior abilities.

    -Little by little, the dhampir was nursed back to health and eventually became an adopted member of his host family and an apprentice of homeopathic medicine and alchemy. As a service to his host family, Premesi decided to help the village by hunting for foods and rare alchemic ingredients using his incredible speed to travel vast distances. It was on one of these hunts that set in motion his return to the battlefield. Fifty seven years after coming to Shtellen, Premesi set out on such a hunt when after three days out, he was overcome by a pain that was full of anguish and suffering. As if guided by fate, he turned about and set back to his home. It lasted the entire way back to the township. When he finally reached home, the source of the pain was revealed. Shtellen, the only home the dhampir had to remember, was raised by an unknown force and all citizens were missing or slain. Premesi spent the rest of the week burying their bodies, starting by the ones who considered him family.

    -When the last grave was filled, Premesi left into the wilderness, in search of answers. He became a wanderer, a wayward, and highly adept ranger. He refined his skills, hunting for food and acquiring gold by working as a bounty hunter and temporary guard to small towns so he could pay for lodgings in his travels. Along his venture, Premesi came across the Elven branch city of Cyrolendyll, where he met with the elders and continued a more in depth study of alchemy for the next one hundred years. It was here that his path crossed with the Shadowpyre Devilin Domitrix Exodus, hearing him speak of attacks of surrounding lands by a small cult led by the mad warlock, Rakenah. Knowing the wild province far more than the Elven scouts, he offered his assistance and skills.

    -Following the defeat of Rakenah, Premesi stayed with Domitrix and served in the demons ranks for the next few centuries to come as a scout, high ranger, and falterless, trustworthy friend. He met many strong and capable warriors along his path, some that he would fight with for an age and some that fell in glorious battle. After many years, the dhampir stepped down from his title to further a path of knowledge and continue serving the small, helpless townships and villages as a reverence to the home he once had.

    -After serving the people for many years in the greater regions, Premesi once again caught wind of the demon, Domitrix, and the Order of Shadows of which he was Magistrate. Knowing the demons allegiance to help the innocent, Premesi decided to rejoin his old friend and serve in the house of Mage, Assassin, and Warrior. Eager to offer his service to the demon, Premesi acted in every available mark that was offered and soon became a staple within the Order Marksmen gaining many close friends including the demons betrothed, an Elf by the name Ardyen Maria Vanya. The grew so close in friendship that they considered each other siblings. Through his efforts and loyalty Premesi Wenilo Tool rose in the ranks and became High Ranger, and eventually he was given the esteemed title of Magistrate of the Arcane, a rank that few had ever dreamed of attaining.

    The story will continue...

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    Post  Alexandria on Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:33 pm

    Alexandria Mynosuki

    Race: Human/Chaotic

    Age: 29

    Element: Chaos

    Weapon: Twin 44Calibur Pistols known as Judgement, Wakizashi

    Technique: Taijustu and Summoning

    ~Profiles~ Dividerbar63


    Alexandria was born within a hamachi during the feudal era. The child was adorned in the finest of garments and lived as lavishly as the royals. Alexandria's mother was a most infamous geisha who was prized from far lands. So the young girl lived a privileged childhood until the ill-fated day when her estate was raided by rebels. Stripped from the breast of her mother, the girl was taken as a servant for the rogues who had less courage to do away with the child then to assault her own parents. Alex's adolescence became one of thievery and debauchery. Raised to utilized a cunning thief in the districts of Osaka, for years Alexandria was used as a mere tool of destruction and assassination. Trained by the deadliest criminals, she used these acquired skills to escape her Hell. Fleeing with only the constellations as her guide, she searched for one great enough to pledge her loyalty.

    ~Profiles~ Dividerbar63

    Years were spent in search of the femme's fate. Barter and stealing were a common occurrence while roaming the streets and villages. Her name had strung up countless bounties for her capture and arrest. Alex found solace with fellow swindlers of the law who revered the woman for her history. Rumors among the band of rogues held tales of demons and creatures that came at her beckoning. The greatest of assassins having taught her their ways of legend. Alexandria disclaimed these reputes with the intent to make a reputation of her own accord. Petty crimes and irrefutable behavior resulted in the woman's imprisonment within the dungeons of Arelith. With the steel that met her impending doom, the femme held a reproach for the dishonor she had brought upon her masters. Daylight was to be the demise of her existence when the recipient of her loyalties was outmatched by any before. Lord Domitrix met her challenge of leadership with a darkened fist guided by chaos's embrace.

    ~Profiles~ Dividerbar63

    Inspiration found its use as his loyal servant and humble member of the Order. This proud kingdom was not without the perils and causalities of its longevity. Alexandria soon became the protector of many precious lives within these hollowed walls.Dear companions embraced the femme as though their own kin and in time the Magistress of Maelstrom was born. The trials and hardships of her life are not without sacrifice, and the woman was left scarred by her Father Chaos. The contract was made between demon and fleshling as Alex submitted to Aciel's maddened abilities. Now, with a legion of sentinel at her aid. The Maelstrom restores balance in a world fit for chaos and suffocates those that stand in arms of the Order. Powers still remain dormant and so even she cannot fathom the gift within.

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    Name: Daisuke Genryusai Shigekumi{Goes by Daisuke.G Fist sometimes]
    Nickname: The King Of The Kill
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 185 ibs
    Hair: His hair is white , and spiky to say the least . It being tall in the front arching upwards , about 7 inches above his head . At the peak of his hair , thin spiky flakes hang upon his forehead on the left and right . The back , and sides of of his hair is rather rather flat and wavy , ending at the back of his neck , also at the end of the back , it shifts into small spikes , only a few though .
    Eyes: Jet black pupils , with an dark red iris around them . They were dazzling , and shinned alot he had , kinda thick eyelashes , his eyes in all were big taking up 2 and an half inches upon his face.
    Clothing/Accessories: He wears two different form of attires . Normally he would wear a standard pair of jet black cargo shorts , and an black straw hat .
    If not , he wears in all black Assasins longcoat . Which is layed upon a white veil sleeveless shirt , and a pair of black veil pants , that end at his lower ankle area , were his shoes layed , they too being jet black and generic if you will . They were about an entire foot to big for Daisuke , he would never phase this however .
    With everything he wears , he straps his two boundless demon wind shurikens upon his back , and the Cosmic Breaker on his waist , inside its Crimson iron sheath .
    General Appearance:
    His skin would be a lambaste red.He himself being very, brawny and fibrous in a hardened toned way.
    His eyes would be black leveled , smoothed and sociable.
    His ears being as normal as they come.
    He had a very easygoing facial structure, kinda childish looking at times yet appealing. He considers himself stunning , as do the ladies despite his red skin .
    But as times he could be provoked an angered to a degree of violent expressions. Expressions that strikes fear to the weak .

    Personality: He gave off a maliticous grin when amused , him being a compassionat being at times . He was one for justice , under any circumstance , even killing if be . He can be a very flirtacious man , a womanizer . He not accepting his true side , tries his hardest to be kind , which isn't really him . Daisuke due to his rough upbringings had a lack of trust within others , therefore he trusted no one . He was a heartbreaker , showing no emotion to women he has known . Due to their lack of respect within themselves . He didn't believe in love , "It's only sex and kids." Daisuke quotes . At times he can be a bit goofy , and fun to be around his comedy was not so much in the jokes department though . He was more of a sarcastic comedian of sorts .

    A battle , a fight , brawl , scrimmish was Daisukes passion in life . Daisuke puts battle above all other leisures in life . Daisuke thought of battle as pure fun , and entertainment . Dasiuke quotes "Without fights their's just love and peace , and love is just sex , and babies . Peace? Don't even get me started on how boring peace is !" Daisuke saw battle as art , a way to escape the creul world . He enjoys every minute of battle , that even applies to him losing . He enjoys other activities such as drinking , and smoking every once in a while . Through out all of these personality traits Daisukes attention rarely diverted off of getting stronger , any means necessary . When bored , Daisuke exercise to his humanly limits , he passed out working out , very often .

    He believes in many abstract wonders of the world , such as nature . The clouds is what he tends to think of everyday , he smiled at their beauty every sunrise . He also believes that killing , is doing gods work . He quotes "Lets face it if you don't die , who will?". Daisuke has only killed those who had once scarred his life in a way , or evil thugs picking on the weak , and poor . He spars no one , quoting "A warrior weak enough to spar life , is an warrior weak enough to give his own without any significance they'd in the world ". He isn't that much of a scavenger pirate , ravishing lands was not his Forte . Although he was a snake , he envied the weak strongly . Therefore he would never pick on , or bully the weak . The strong however , his characteristic is to challenge , those he deems strong in a battle . Going by the sole line .

    "I am stronger then the strongest . "

    Daisuke was raised in an basic family , his mom and father both being japanese , both had an tan skin tone . Which made the red skinned boy , well as he was known as because of this trait , stuck out ; like a sore thumb . He often was called a demon as a child because of this and his behavior , he was a petty criminal , although his family maintained an stable home , barely beating poverty , Daisuke decided to be a go-getter . Causing a series of crimes to be performed by him at an very young age , he however every time got away with a slap on the wrist . At the age of twelve Daisuke began to endure some symptoms of sorts his sight , hearing , and physical attributes all amplified and grew at an unusual rate . Before he knew it , he was the biggest eleven year old in the entire world!

    Daisuke was proud of this growth spur , or at least that's what his parents called it . The government accused Daisuke's parents of tampering with Daisuke , using illegal substances for him to grow and develop quicker . Surely no eleven year old could be one hundred and seventy pounds , six foot , and have as much brawn , and bulk as Daisuke did . Rather then passing Daisuke off as a wonder , they took him into various examinations of his anatomy . After the three procedures that included X-rays , saliva testing and an IQ test , for an unbeknownst reason at the time to Daisuke , he was put into a home . A home where other strange unorthodox kids were placed , Daisuke seldom talked to his parents , he began to fear what these people intended to do to him . A year passed , and Daisuke's physical attributes didn't change at all , this made scientists even more curious about the case of Daisuke , he was then removed from the home and daylight for that matter . Being placed underground , in a giant , very will hidden lab , over time Daisuke began to lose the power of speech , after so many experiments , and days passed by him , the more he fell into solitude .

    Daisuke's heightened senses made the high tech laboratory a living hell for him , Daisuke soon realized what he was capable of at the age of thirteen when an odd experiment was performed upon him . By attaching some sort of helmet on Daisuke's head he was able to bend reality to a certain extent . Daisuke was dumbfounded by this power , and over time he began to practice this without the assistance of the helmet , after two years of practice , Daisuke knew the basics of PSI . Night time , in the max security lab ., hardly no one was awake , how simple and easy this was for Daisuke . He simply used basic telekineses and rise to rip himself from his chains , and cell , using basic trance to counter the thoughts of the security , he made an hasty escape from an emergency exit . Daisuke had escaped , successfully after surviving pure hell , he returned to his family under disguise by dying his hair a platinum white, adding contacts , and even gaining more bulk , weight and height . With that said he still resided in his home's basement.

    After telling his mother and father of his escape and where he had really gone for the past five years , Daisuke fell into an abyss of darkness . Being disclosed to everyone around him , he began to practice PSI more and more , he was a victim of this world he desperately hated . He declared that he would end it all , and make a new world , a world of peace and serenity with him at the head .

    Weaponry :
    Daisukes cherished Kasunagi blade the designs are as followed .
    A green handle with a black dragon design , climbing up the handle . It stops at the hilt , the hilt being an imperial light green , sphere shaped , defectless crafted one . The blade reaching 4 and an half feet in height . It being about 5 inches wide . The blades speed is great , being very lightweight , adept , and agile . It's sheath is a crimson black , the sheath itself being made of a powerful medium grade steel along with the blade .
    2 Demon Wind Shurikens ,
    Being made of a powerful forged steel . They are normally controlled by threads .

    Items :
    Paralytic Poison - Liquid poison , causes two second total paralysis .

    Daisuke is also adept in the three forms of PSI , Rise , Trance , and Burst .
    PSI is the ability to manipulate yourself, your surroundings, or others using the power of the mind.

    Burst, in summation, is the ability to manipulate the world around you. In essence, you channel and manipulate energy or matter in the surrounding environment.

    Trance, at its most basic, is the ability to manipulate the minds of others. So far, it has been used to read minds, "dive" into memories, and force the target to see illusions.

    Rise is used to manipulate the user. Rise powers can be subdivided into two types: "sense", and "strength".
    Sense-type Rise increases the 5 senses of the user (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) to extraordinary levels and also increases the user's reflexes.
    Strength-type Rise focuses on the user's physical body, increasing the body's physical strength, speed, and endurance. It can simply be referred to as Super Human Strength

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    Nicholas Romanzo, 23 year old human
    Librarian and Hunter

    With as simple a task as collecting knowledge in any capacity, Nicholas is at the very least, curious. Travels have sent him into some of the more interesting locale and ancient stone ruins of the further reaches of the world, until he reached the land of Arelith. Armed with the basest levels of arcane and holy magicks, and a basic understanding of how to defend himself from harm, he came to establish himself in this world of hunters.

    Tall, by most modern standards, Nicholas holds himself at 6'2". His body, nowhere near a well-toned musculature, is a balanced contrast between his research and his martial training. Soft muscle would be the best term for his build. Ever engaged in work, not hardly enough time for socializing, his curly auburn hair always appears as if he took a brush to it but never finished the job. His eyes, while a deep emerald green, are often dulled by the lenses that frame them.

    Nicholas takes the division between work and play seriously, and it reflects in his clothing. Of course, there is little difference between what he wears between one or the other. When he works, he is fond of dress khakis in light tan and white colors and a button-up shirt with a brown vest, usually holding whatever tools he may use for the day. Outside of work he sheds the vest, untucks the shirt, and can even be seen wearing blue jeans if the mood strikes him. There is a favored pair of clothing items he has donned, but only when travelling, a white duster and fedora. Not wanting to stand out with the gleaming bright colors, he keeps them hung up in his room until the time comes.

    Kind and understanding, Nicholas is a very talkative individual. Not taken to lying or swearing, Nicholas will gladly answer questions asked of him if he can, with no qualms about detail. Of course he in turn has been known to ask questions, and the intent gaze he gives the speaker is due to his absorbing the information to process later. He only drinks when he's annoyed at something to the point where he can't figure it out, but he is a lightweight who passes out after four or five pints. As interested in studying people as he is books, Nicholas is jovial and flirtatious but can read a situation fairly easy and won't flirt if a person's body language is giving him the finger.

    As for his personal life, Nicholas' past is not a secret he keep hidden, nor is it anything special. Raised as an orphan with two brothers and sisters who shared his fate, he grew up in a church that housed the books that would send him into the world. Of course the parishioner preferred he help farm rather than read, which was why he left as soon as he could. Finding his way into the world he would join a group known as the Crimson Circle, a coven under the Red Circle magickry. Learning from them what he could he garnered a respect for the arcane and all of it's doctrines, but at current capacity could only reach the 3rd Circle.

    At the age of 20 he would take his leave of the Circle where he could and left to make it on his own. Of course, he was forever branded with the two tattoos of the coven. One running up his left arm, an arcane mark that showed his affiliation with the group, and one hidden on his face that appears only when using the Red Light magicks, a cross of holy and arcane meant for healing. The details of the mark that appear are the only sore subject for Nicholas, but he will gladly reveal their meaning if asked.

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    Post  Ardyen on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:07 pm

    Name: Ardyen Marie Vanya Exodus

    Age: 122 elven years

    Race: 3/4 Elf & 1/4 Human

    Height- 5'5"

    Body Type- Ardyen has a slender build that has been carefully toned for battle.

    Eyes- The Elf has large, almonde shaped eyes that boast an enchanting emerald color.

    Hair- Ardyen's hair is a mass of loose spiral curls in the shade of chocolate. The longest coils brush against the bottom of her shoulder blades.

    -Earth, Air and Fire Manipulation
    -Healing Magic

    -Yew Long bow
    -Elven short sword

    ~Profiles~ 2418ta8

    Born of a forbidden love, Ardyen Marie Vanya was raised by a Human mother and an Elven father, in the Grand Garden City of Ardmore. Her mother, Isabelle Teresa Vanya, whom cast a sheet over her own past to protect Ardyen, taught the young girl about nature and music. Inwhich induced the aftermath of her great appreciation to the flora of the world. Failing to discriminate against any plant. Her father, and Captain of the Elven Vanguard of Ardmore, taught the young femme the way of the battle. Sword of swiftness and arrow of wind. During these teachings she found herself full of heartfelt concern for the wounded and located a respected healer within her city. She persuaded the aging woman to take her on as an apprentice. Mastering incantations and overcoming obstacles that white magick harnessers could have never done at that age.

    Being the utmost lacking of real battle time experience, the girl kept her innocence. Until one fateful day where a rogue Elven murdered her mother, Isabelle. Edmond went berserk with fury and misery over an incredibly long period of time. This convinced Ardyen to seek out her destiny, outside of Ardmores walls, just before the age of one hundred and ten, still ripe with youth. Upon pioneering the unknown outskirts of the world, she met the Shadowpyre- now Empyreal, Domitrix, involving herself in many battles alongside the warrior. She eventually weaved herself into his quests and his heart. A now current Magistress of The Order. Lady of the Tempest, taking her mother's previous title. Now, the Magistress holds a new title, Devilin "Domitrix" Exodus' wife and mother of their child.

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    Post  Evan on Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:00 pm

    [First Name]: Evan
    [Last Name]: Unknown
    [Rank]: Eidolon
    [Age]: 23
    [Hair]: Short and Blonde
    [Eyes]: Grey
    [Race]: Blessed Human
    [Height]: 6'2"
    [Weight]: 245
    [Build]: Average
    [Facial hair]: Mustache, soul patch, Goatee
    [Tattoos and/or scars]: Giant circular burn on his upper left arm
    [Clothes]: Black silk pants, Black Leather belt, Black socks, Black steel toed dress shoes, black silk under shirt, Black leather vest.
    [Weapons]: Short bow staff, Wolf dagger
    [Abilities]: Ability to control wind
    [Hobbies]: making music with his harmonica

    ~Profiles~ Ahr032


    One Saturday afternoon in a little village outside the Elotion Kingdom, it began to rain. The rain was followed by a fierce wind. Even though there was no lake or ocean nearby it seemed as if a hurricane were comming through the land. A farmer and his wife boarded up their home and looked for shelter underneath the kitchen table with their pet dog. The farmer and his wife heard loud crashes and booms outside of their little home. Once the storm had passed, the farmer went outside to see what damage was done to his home. As he went outside he seen a body underneath some oak branches right outside his door. He lifted up the branches to see a young boy, around the age of 10, all bloody and bruised. He yelled for his wife to get some water and bandages as he carried the boy into his home. The Farmer and his wife bandaged and cleaned up the boy while he was unconscious. When the Boy awoke he had no recollection of the previous events. He couldn't even remember his name. He looked in his pockets, but all he found was a letter. The letter was addressed to a person by the name of Evan, but the rest was washed away by the water. He thought about the name Evan for a moment. He began to have flashbacks of voices calling him Evan, but that's all they were, were voices. He couldn't remember anything else, no faces, no places, not even anything about himself. The farmer and his wife took in the boy and gave him a place to stay. In exchange for food, clothing, and shelter, Evan worked for the farmer. As Evan grew older he became stronger and his body began to change. One day he was helping the farmer round up the sheep when a wolf came from out of the woods. The farmers dog stopped what it was doing and started barking at the wolf, but the wolf did not see the dog as a challenge. Evan and the farmer were alerted by the barking dog. When Evan and the farmer rushed over to the dog, the wolf had already attacked it. The wolf seen the farmer and went to attack, but Evan screamed and held out his hand. Evan felt something inside of him growing as if his body were oozing an invisible energy. A giant gust of wind came from Evan and hit the wolf, in mid attack, to a tree. Evan looked down at his hand as he lowered it with a confusing look. The wolf was badly injured and it ran off back into the woods. The farmer, shocked at what happened, ran to his dog and carried it inside. As time went on Evan developed and trained with his new abilities, but he always wondered where the abilities came from and why he has them. The farmer and his wife continued to help Evan cope with his changing body. Evan began practicing with a short bow staff as a weapon, just so he didn't have to depend solely on his wind abilities. The farmer and his wife were very proud to see Evan grow; they saved up their money and bought Evan a Dagger made out of Steel, and to remind him of his experiences the handle was shaped into the head of a wolf. Eventually Evan became an expert with his abilities and weapons, but now he wanted answers. He left his adopted family and went out to search for who he was and where he came from...

    ~Profiles~ Ahr032

    [Evan's Arrival to The Order]

    Evan continues his journey of finding out about his past. He travels to The Order of Shadows in a land called Arelith. Upon his arrival he enters The Serene Sunset Tavern, where he meets an Ashen by the name of Pyre. Evan tells Pyre of his quest, so Pyre suggests they enter The Serene Sunset Study to find information. They go to the study in hopes that they find what Evan needs. Evan comes across a book, on one of the pages holds a symbol that looks familiar to Evan. The symbol is the same symbol, which is burned into his left upper arm. Evan tries to find more information about this symbol, but the rest of the page has been torn off. Pyre tells Evan that he would probably get some answers from a lady by the name of Dominii.

    ~Profiles~ Ahr032

    [Evan Meets Dominii]

    Evan enters The Magistrate of the Fathoms' Domain. Evan meets up with a witch by the name of Dominii. He speaks with her over tea about his journey and of what he has discovered. Dominii researched the best she could about Evan's scar. She had determined that he was part of an old race called the Wind Users, unfortunately she determined that him and his people were also slaves. After hearing this Evan became overwhelmed with sadness. He had always dreamed about being royalty or having some divine purpose, but instead he had come to the realization that he was just a freed slave. He was happy that he was able to get free, but now so many questions enter his head. Evan bids Dominii goodbye and he continues to find answers...

    ~Profiles~ Ahr032

    [The Gneuyet Mark]

    As Evan was walking around through the town, a piece of paper had flown past his path... Evan picked up the piece of parchment and it read, "The equatorial villages surrounding the waters of the Jurrin Sea have been under constant raids by bands of small creatures called the Gneuyet. Livestock have been slaughtered, supplies have been stolen, and several people have come up missing. The people have become frightened to even step out of their homes and lack of commerce is sending the area into ruin. Reward: 25,000 gold, promotion." Evan was unsure of himself and his abilities, but he was sure that he had a strong feeling that this was wrong and needed to be stopped... Evan looked up a map and headed his way to the village...
    When Evan entered the village he seen so much destruction... It was like something just chewed it up and spat it back out... Evan inspected the area, for he want quite sure what he was up against... As he was searching for answers he had noticed that the salt mines were freshly dug... Even though his wind abilities were limited underground, he entered the salt mines anyways... As he was down there he found that it was hard to see... He looked around to find some sort of torch... He came across a dead body... He took the arm from the half eaten corpse and used it for a torch... After paying his respects and his apologies, he continued walking in what seemed to be a giant maze of tunnels...
    Along his travels in the underground salt tunnels, he had met many people in search of killing the treacherous monsters... One significant person he did meet was named, Shipo... When Evan ran into the tiny Gneuyet workers, Shipo was there to help fight them off... Evan and Shipo went along and killed off many of the Gneuyet workers in the salt mine tunnels... Then they came across a room that had three gigantic Gneuyet Guards... Both Shipo and Evan killed the guards one by one... In the process Shipo had gotten knocked out... Then the tunnels began to rumble and shake...As the room began to shake... A giant creature emerged from the ground into the room Evan and Shipo were in... With all the dust and the salt swirling around in the air, it was hard to see the gigantic creature... Evan used his powers to clear the air, so he could see the beast... What he seen, he wasn't ready for... It was the Queen Gneuyet... She was huge and he fought her with all his might... She then sprayed a slime out of her skin all over the room... Evan knew that he needed to get the Queen into a different room, so that Shipo wouldn't get hurt... Evan lured her into a separate room, but when the Queen was still crawling in the tunnel, he blasted the wall above the Queen with a gigantic rush of air... The wall trapped the Queen, so that the front of her body was in the same room as Evan... So now the room has been closed off and there is only one exit... Evan then said a prayer, because what he was about to do... May be his last... After saying his prayer he took a big breath of air, then he started to flow all the oxygen out of the room and creating a giant vacuum... As Evan became weak, the Queen became even weaker... The Queen gasped for air and clawed at her throat... The Gneuyet Queen had her mouth open gasping for air... Evan then pulled out his dagger and stopped the flow and yelled to the Queen, "Go to hell"... He then threw his dagger, with great wind speed, into the Queen's throat... Evan's wolf dagger severed many of the Queen's main arteries and she bled to death... Evan then fell to the ground and passed out... Shipo was able to get through and retrieve Evan's Dagger... Then he picked up Evan and took him to the surface...
    Once Evan woke up, he thanked Shipo and returned back to The Order... They rewarded him with 25,000 gold and the rank of Eidolon, for his outstanding service in the Gneuyet Open Mark... He now continues on with his journey...

    {To Be Continued...}

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    ~Profiles~ Empty Virlutus

    Post  Pheonix on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:24 pm

    Name: Virlutus Regi
    Age: 529, Appears 25
    Race: Blood Elf
    Appearance: A slender man of 6'2". He wears a large cloak, shrouding his body with an intrestingly woven fabric vibrating nearly every color length. Undearneath his chest is barren, as his legs are covered by a thin metallic substance, clinging to his skin. Surrounding the metal is two quivers, holding 100 arrows each. A recurve bow is drenched over his back, forged of Phoenix feathers and arcane arts. His skin tone is pale, eyes a piercing emerald, and long blonde hair slicked down to the bottom of his shoulder blades. Red streaks are clear in his hair.

    Abilities: Keen eye sight, highly agile, and an unrivaled strategic brillance. Along with being able to control the Arcane energy all around himself. Weapons: His bow, made of infusing the ashes of a Phoenix, plum of a Phoenix, and arcane energies to form this bow. It amplifies his arcane energy, and is extremely hard to break.

    Cloak of Quel'Dalar: The Cloak passed down from his father. It vibrates with nearly any imaginabe color, and can change at will. Gives him the ability to hide within color, as long as he stands still.

    Phoe, a small bird-like familiar that follows Virlutus around. It shines a blazing red, outlined with gold. His eyes a deep black, with small plum sticking out of it's head. Tail is fairly large in proportion to his body. A foor in length, and four inches in width. Feeds of Virlutus' Arcane energy. Abilities: The ability to harvest Arcane energy and form it into stronger magick, making it elemental but keeping the same kick of Arcane. Larger sums requiers more work, and possibly a physical manifestation to surround. When using Phoenix Shot, he will actually become the arrow tip.

    Born into a noble Blood Elven family, he was spoiled with riches and comfort. However, when the Blood Elves were cast from their homes within the Arcane Sanctum, he was shunned into a world of slavory and proverty. Freeing himself, he ran. Ran to his old hideout, a forgotten cave near the palace. He gathered his forgotten things, and ran deeper into the forest, farther than he ever has gone before. As he ventured deeper, the forest became more looming and darker. Even the city's hunters never ventured out here alonge. From exashtion, years of starvation and lack of sleep, his body was weak. He laid down under a large tree, as he was near the verge of death. The reaper was near, and he knew it. That was when Phoe came, perching on his head as he passed out. Upon awakening, he found himself in an abondened nest, Phoe next to him. Realizing both where alone, he called this nest a sanctuary untill he gained strength back. He wanted to stop the evil deads that plauge this world. He ventured outworld, trying to be a person, not a hero.

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    ~Profiles~ Empty Dominii, the Witch & Kyla, the loyal sabertooth

    Post  Dominii on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:26 am

    Name: Dominii
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Class: Witch
    Appearance: Height is about 5'4, with black hair: sleek and long. Eyes are often smiling, with irises the color of purple. Her skin color is milky white. Body build is slim and quite lacking in shape, which would lead others to think that she has the body of a still-developing adolescent.

    Weapons and Equipments
    A magical dagger which she is able to manipulate. She can make it longer, smaller, sharp or dull, even change the shape of the blade. This blade is able to cut even the thickest and hardest compound there is, but at the expense of her energy. She keeps it holstered around her leg. She also has a charm she wears around her neck, a family heirloom which protects her in times of desperation.

    Dominii is not skilled in physical combat, but as part of her practice, she is adept at performing different kinds of magicks as well as manipulation of the elements(air, water, earth, fire). She is also able to commune with nature, mostly plants, with whom she has formed a vast information-gathering network around Arelith. Aside from communicating with plants, she is also able to manipulate them.

    She is mostly a gentle person, happy-go-lucky most of the time. She loves being around books and nature. To her eyes, all are friends, unless her sources say otherwise.

    Dominii was the only child borne from aged parents, a miracle, some would say, as she was born when her mother was at the age of 58, her father, 65; old by human standards. She lived normally until the age of 3, when her parents noticed strange occurrences, unexplained by human logic, happening around their daughter. Soon, stranger things began to happen. Her parents felt a foreboding about their daughter when, strangely, she would get wounds on her body, or would suddenly fall from high places. The child was protected only by the necklace handed down from her late grandmother.

    One day, a strange monk knocked upon their household, presenting himself as an enlightened man who had been searching for the child. For reasons he had only disclosed to the parents, he offered to rear the child; to help her hone the great power within her. He explained that there were supernatural powers seeking to harm the child, therefore, he had to take her away to a sacred place where the presence of the child would be hidden until she would be ready to face the world once again. And so, with her parents understanding the situation, they allowed the monk to leave with their child with only a necklace, the family heirloom, which was a charm, as the only remembrance that she had a family outside of the mountains where she would live, learning about her powers and the world.

    When time came that her teacher finally released her out into the world, she went from city to city until the fates finally led her to the Order.

    A few months after Dominii's arrival at the Order, she was astounded by the beautiful and prosperous city. While she was not used to the noise and crowd, she often found herself wandering off the borders of Arelith and into the mountains where she often went to find herbs she would later concoct into medicines and other preparations. On one of these trips, she wandered onto a canyon not far from the borders of Arelith where, in a secluded cave, she followed the whimpers of an animal. There she met for the first time a young, wounded sabertooth. For a time, she nursed this creature back to health, until it was fully healed.

    After this time, the sabertooth's affections for the witch grew and decided to follow her back to Arelith. This was the beginning of their partnership. This sabertooth was given the name Kyla who will later grow to be as tall as 10 feet(presently, she is still 7 ft. tall), with the ability to fly and shape-shift into a kitten.

    Kyla was also trained to be stealthy and has honed her quick reflexes. She also never leaves her mistress' side. While Dominii was gentle and trusting of those around her, Kyla was always suspicious of everyone. The two also share an unspoken connection.

    -Life at the Order-
    Once a shy and quiet girl who preferred to be among books and plants, she felt the need to break out of her sheltered world. Soon, she gained many friends and formed bonds within the Order. She joined marks, along with her trusty sabertooth, where strength and mind were tested. Currently, she is the Magistress of the Fathoms, loyal to the Lord Domitrix, and with passion overflowing for the people she serves.

    This is not the end of the story yet. It will continue.

    ~Profiles~ Domi_210

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    ~Profiles~ Empty Cyrus Nightshade, "Pupil of The Shaded Gaze."

    Post  Tanner on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:55 am

    Name:Cyrus Nightshade,




    Personality:He is bored easily, Laid back utterly Bewildering when hes talking half the time, Kind heart prefers not to battle other humans. And Likes all types of food, Save for tofu.

    Appearance description: Lightly tanned, Average to slightly round face, 152.1 Lbs 6'0" Feet tall. Gray eyes surround pale yellow iris, messy long unkempt black hair frames his Average face, White clean teeth, A slight smirk holds it's place on the left side of his face.
    Clothing:White cotton shirt sleeveless a leather vest over this a pair of black trousers for day-to-day activity's, And a steel chain-mail vest placed over the leather vest for combat purposes. His pike is held in a leather holster fastened to the back of his chain-mail vest the end of the pike points upwards as to not impair mobility beyond need-be.

    Birth date: September the 4th.

    Fighting Style:Pikemen

    Weapon: A plain pike the handle of the pike is made of Iron bark a rare type of wood found only to the far east in elven territory if heated and handled correctly it will be as tough as iron but weighs only half as much as iron,Said pole is wrapped around cured leather slightly lower then the center. the end of the pike is fastened with steel sharpened into three points they form a sort of up-side down christian cross polished to a point it blinds most who stare at it in the sunlight. Its entirety is 7'0".5 and a half feet long pole, And 1 and a half foot long point.

    Powers/abilities: "Shaded Gaze" When most see his eyes they think he may be rather demonic but they serve a purpose: To pierce the darkness no matter how dense it is he is able to see through it.

    Biography: Cyrus was Born in a large Port town His mother had died giving birth his father rarely spoke of her at all. At the age of 6 his father (Known as master of the shaded gaze.) Took him into a large forest south of the port Town. This supposed "Hunting Trip" Was supposed to be a way to relax At this time Cyrus knew nothing of his strange optic ability known as the shaded gaze. His father left him in the woods for three days with just the clothes on his back and his Not-Yet-developed power, As he searched and searched for his father it soon became rather dark, Cyrus had no problem with the dark but tonight it was Erie he soon found the exit of the forest a few scrapes and bruises but otherwise he was fine, He soon found his home again. His "father" acted as if nothing had happened. Nothing else strange happened to Cyrus for the next few years.

    At the Age of 14 Cyrus's mind began to wonder back to those three days in the woods so he confronted his father on the matter to which he replied, "The world is a terrible place filled with terrible people and beasts, I left you there in the woods to see if you were indeed strong enough to endure the pains and sorrows of life, If you did not come out I would have been devastated but you did. Oh and now that you mention it I feel that you are quite ready to learn how to protect yourself." And so Cyrus learned how to use pikes as weapons when his training was complete his father then taught him how to use the shaded gaze by again taking him to the woods. One day Cyrus was sitting alone at Home He was 18 and was trying to Figure out how to make a proper living. Looking out the window he saw something he never thought possible a man was Standing over three bandits who were all bleeding profusely and were knocked out. Without Even a shred of regret the man hoisted the other three men into a awaiting horse-drawn carriage of plain wood and drove off. When his father got home Cyrus told him of the man and to which his father replied. "That was my older brother or your uncle he helps out the town by capturing wanted criminals, Hes quite a good man but most of the time he uses his fists rather then his brain." Chuckling Cyrus asked his father if There was a place he could find work That Would pay handsomely that needed his skills as a pike-man. To which he was given this reply "The order of the shadows son they are quite the bunch of people....." The conversation trailed off and Cyrus went around town gathering all the information on the order he could. Finding very little he left home at the age of 21 and joined the order his father had Told him that his night gaze would not be very strange to the men and women of the order so when he joined up he was not surprised to notice most of the other marksmen had "powers" much like his own. Thus began the tale of Cyrus marksmen of the order. Too be Continued.......

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    Post  Domitrix on Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:05 pm

    Name: Devilin Domitrix Exodus.
    Age: Sired at 21 (Rough age approximates at 3,200 years old.)

    Sex: Male.

    Race: Empyreal.

    Title: -Grand Magistrate of the Order of Shadows,
    -God of War to the late Eldralece.

    Height: 6 ft. 1 inches.
    Weight: 240 lbs.
    Blood Type: O negative.

    Job/Class: Dark Knight Samurai
    (The appearance and armor culture may appear of the Knight class, but the techniques and combat are derived from his Samurai background.)

    Discipline: Bushido.

    -Seemingly and often mistaken for a shadow, he adorns his attire with heavy onyx forged hellish-brigandine platemail (this includes the entire brigandine set, i.e. greaves, gauntlets, and pauldrons.)
    -Around the would be eternal darkness portrayed by his armor, Dom wears a heel length hooded obsidian robe with tattered and battlescarred heiroglyphics in a hue just above the matching obsidian. Said to encumber the borders of the cloak, written in an untranslatable merge between Japanese (Kanji) and Tibetan caligraphy. Multiple scars across the body, though rarely seen regardless. He has no need to remove himself of his armor, and is definitely never separate from his arsenal.
    -Can be rather cold and emotionless at times, even with a smile or laugh, his demeanor remains rather indifferent. It would give the impression of the lack of care from his person, but only those whove gotten close enough to him would know whether he truly did or not.
    Althought rarely seen unless he finds a grace of comfort, his hair is down to his lower back sierra silver. Bordering a platinum tint similar to the coat of artic wolves.
    -The eyes are a distinct stoic shape, burned with firebrick and ruby crimson light. They need no light to reflect their color. They are perfectly visible if the trim of the hood's visage goes high enough, they pierce through the darkest darknesses.
    -Brandishes a beautiful ceremonial marriage ring of his beloved, Ardyen, on his left hand's ring finger. Rarely seen however, as it remains beneath the plated coat of his onyx gauntlet for protection.

    Current Family: Ardyen Marie Exodus (loving wife)
    Premesi Wenailo Tool (endighted blood brother)
    Weiss Van-Lachenstein (sired Vampyre brother)

    Weapons: The two prized blades of infamy and legend, both matching in onyx forged hellsmithery. The destructive Masamune, and the chaotic Murasame, twin sister Shinto daikatanas.
    A rumor has it that the broken chains that dangle from beneath his obsidian robes are considered weapons, but no one has ever witnessed him wield them. In anything at all, not just combat.

    -Mastered Shadowmancing and control of the otherwise mythical and unproven element of Darkness. Attained the "Lord of Shadows" title due to such superbeing ability.
    -He is also seldom fluent in the other elements but resides as an omnimancing species nonetheless. Although water is mostly seen used for weaving at rivers or ponds for entertainment. The fire and lightning arts are very often incorporated in his battle art.
    -Teleportation through the propelling of divine speeds, not through the porting of the bodice through dimensional sequences. Has an omnipotent control over the "Shadow Realm", which is not necessarily a complete world in particular, it is just the mirrored darkness of the existing material realm. In which he can travel in and out of to remain cloaked from enemy eye, however this might become ineffective if the enemy has a keen sense of "energy scent" or another form of which they can find out about his whereabouts were he to not even slightly be as close as desired.
    -"Hammer of Deaf" is an ability used as second nature. It can be switched on and off depending on the situation (usually combat). It is a manipulation of the sound spectrum where he can eliminate sound to any ear, no matter what species, to be faint of his vibrations of sound. Given that, although heavily armored, he can still move around freely without creating a single sound. Again this may come into conflict with someone whom senses energy. But, for example, a given assassination of a species lesser adept to the ways of combat is just as a walk in the park would be for anyone.
    -A very strong jump ability called "Demon Dash". At first it was used for horizontal travel at immense speeds, but with the switch of direction, he can propel himself into the canopies of forests as well as the clouds high above, even.
    -"Onslaught Sphere" is a technique that enshrouds his person with a protective and visible shield-like sphere that repels any basic, intermediate, and sometimes stronger blows directed towards him. CAN BE PROPELLED into a destructive attack orb.
    -"Hand of Buddha" or "Buddha's Palm" is an attack of where the palm stretches fingers and opens into a thrusting attack. The force embedded into it however has never failed in crushing the innards of desired target. This of course, if connected properly. Regardless, it is a recorded attack of fatal injury and havocal proportions. Only these techniques have been recorded by himself and to anyone whom has fought alongside him in combat. All other techniques remain nameless, especially from the Shadowmancing.
    -Although having ascended from Shadowpyre into Empyreal during the Saga of the Riest at the Ravine of Oblivion, he still requires spiritual and pranic energy, found in the bodies of living organisms, to continue existing. A gift from his loving wife, Ardyen, was the glistening, perfectly cut, jet amulet found around his neck. It automatically absorbs the remnant spirit energy which is released from slain foes.

    -Unrivaled kenjutsu swordsmanship of both one and two blade styles.
    -Self taught blacksmithery of which he can imbue his element capabilities and affinities into.
    -Fishing and Hunting.
    -Food gathering and identification, including berries and leaves.
    Multiple trap construction knowledge (mostly for animals and beasts).
    -Perfected energy sensing.
    -An array of gained and honed martial arts from well over four continents. All of which he combines and labels the style as "Shinigami" or "Shinigamido".
    -Is incapable of flying, but with enough concentration within given element used, can hover while being protected simultaneously within the onslaught sphere.

    -Force-driven events such as warfaring and combat.
    -Sparring matches prove to be very helpful to others.
    -Very strategic whence upon battlefield.
    -Can withstand incredible amounts of torture if captured, both physically and mentally.
    -Elemental attacks are incalculably devastating.

    -Heavy sunlight has no effect upon his welfare, but it does make his eyes squint and narrow due to his sensitivity to it.
    -The element of "Holy" or otherwise purified heavenly attack may inflict substantial damage if broken through defence.
    -Many unfortunately deem him as unapproachable. This would be a wise statement on occassion, but is otherwise untrue.
    -With the curse of the Shadowpyrism evolution stage millenia ago, Domitrix holds no taste for food or beverages. In fact, it all resides with an ashy flavor upon his tongue. This is a minute set back, but it has rendered any intake of food useless and unenjoyable.
    -In addition, after ascension, the Empyreal (as did the Shadowpyre) is only fed through that very release of spiritual entities, as his body's modified digestive system can only be sustained with life energy. In otherwords, he feeds upon souls. However, they must be slain in order to attain that release.

    Biography: Descendant of a prime influental feudal Samurai bloodline known as the Exodus legacy.
    For further details, please refer to "The Rise of a Demon" on the index page.

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    Mintaboo Estreal
    Mintaboo Estreal

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    ~Profiles~ Empty Mintaboo "Taboo" Estreal

    Post  Mintaboo Estreal on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:58 pm

    -Name: Mintaboo Estreal
    -Age: Unverified
    -Race: Immortal (formerly human)
    -Class: Shaman

    -Dicipline: Self Diciplined

    -Height: 6' 5"

    -Weight: 197 lbs

    -Blood Type: N/A

    -Physical Appearance: Lengthy locks of ebony stream from the scalp of Mintaboo in a rather unkempt fashion. Stubs of the same hue folicles line his jaw, and around his mouth. Beneath his typical cloth, Mintaboo brandishes a pair of milky white orbs in his sockets. Lined around the sockets are a webbed pattern of marks, and scars. In regards of build, the shaman is suprisingly chiseled. This is particularly strange, given he is a practicioner of the mystic arts.

    -Attire: Typically, Mintaboo can be seen sporting an odd cloak of sorts. A cloak colored in such a depth of black, it is rumored to have been tailored within the very abyss, it's self. Beneath this mysterious veil is usually a pair of loose fitting, almond colored leggings leading down to a pair of weather worn, burgandy hue, leather shoes.

    -Natural Abilities: Given the loss of Mintaboo's sight, the shaman's other senses are remarkably heightened. Especially his sense of hearing. Almost like sonar, Mintaboo can detect people and/or creatures from afar. The only drawback is his heightened sense of hearing renders him weak to high pitched, or loud noises.
    -Supernatural Abilities: With the gift of the immortals granted to the shaman, beckoned an arsenal of finely tuned power and magick. The most notable of which are his ability to manipulate fields of energy around himself, aswell as within others.

    -Weapon: Grass-cutter Blade (Katana)

    Born human, Mintaboo was raised into a village of shaman. Though the celestial blood flowed within his veins, the young shaman himself could not seem to gain any recognizable attributes himself. This defect made him an outcast among his tribe. Shunned, amd dishonored, The young shaman embarked on a quest to attain the power he considered a birth-right. Little did the young man know the cost would be dear.

    Along his travels, Mintaboo encountered many wonderous beings. One of which was an Elemental named Nicholi Malestrome. The being informed the young shaman of a wonderful land where all were accepted, no matter how powerful. The stories of the Elementals encounters enthralled the lad as he listened to tales of quests, adventures, and creatures of pure fantasy. Nicholi informed Mintaboo of a group of celestial entities which would not only grant his admittance to the realm he was so eager to visit, but grant him the power he so desired.

    The council with the cosmogies came with permittance of Mintaboo's newly acquired comrade, Nicholi. The young man was eager to accept whatever gifts these divine beings could bestow. However, the celestial entities were not as charitable as he had hoped. A barter was struck in the assurace of the shaman's gift of immortality, as well as a means to travel across the multiverse. For all the wonders that could be witnessed with such great power, Mintaboo would see none. This was the deal that Mintaboo, some would say foolishly, accepted.

    To be continued....

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    Post  eroticavampyria on Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:34 am

    Profile Overhaul
    Name: Thyra McCurtis
    Age: Estimated 740yrs, appears to be 23yrs old.
    Gender: Female
    Race: 29th generation Vampyre, omega.
    Class: Scout
    Weaponry: “Mountforge” a bastard sword previously owned by Dylan, now decased, signature feature is the pale cobalt blade which breaths during battle, usually sheathed upon her back. Silver shard daggers easily forged and wielded for ranged and close combat. Beneath her cloak is “Jakten” a battle horn never been seen used before, whether is possesses any enchantment is known.

    ~Profiles~ Untitled3

    -Hunting/tracking man and animal alike.
    - Scouting and survival
    - First aid
    - Trained in Blacksmithery at an apprentice level.
    - Highly skilled with a blade and blunt, but slightly lacks with ranged weapons.

    - Shadowmancery is currently her prime focus whether training for occupational or recreational purposes. Although far from mastered she is able to mimic smallish/medium forms and manipulate their silhouette as she desires. Travelling and hiding in shadows is also widely used.
    - Immortal strength would probably out match a mortal in any brute challenge, accompanied by her speed and unearthly reflexes.
    - Guard reinforce is a defensive spell which summons a half-prism net around a character to withstand basic elemental attacks.
    - Night vision is a natural ability to navigate through darkness without any need for light.

    -Typical pale western features almost appear to never change emotion on when experiencing some grief or in deep thought. Some experience difficulty to empathise with her character.
    - Height 5”8, fighters build, more sleek than muscular. Only a few mortal scars are still visible on her body particularly one grazed horizontally across her hip to stomach. Over the years Thyra have favoured quite a few ear piercings.
    - Through Alizarin crimson eyes there is a foreseen sadness, a spec of mortality still she beholds beyond her icy exterior. Raven black hair partly covers over her face, down to the small of her back with random braids and feathered ends.
    -Attire consists of ivory black armour elegantly engraved with patterns (breastplate, single pauldron, gauntlets and boots) a mixture of light and heavy materials to balance her unique fighting style. Half of a cloak rests upon her left shoulder its Venetian red colour has worn over time.

    Thyra has always been such a sadist, in truth she soft at heart covered with an icy exterior. She somewhat struggles to meet close binding relationships after spending long periods alone, only in the presence of the dead. Humour is something she doesn’t hide; the temptation is far too great. Above all she is loyal to those whom she deems worthy, awfully quiet, well mannered and unpredictable.

    Born in a poor village called Danartin, her father was a hard working Blacksmith raised her single-handedly as her mother died from disease. Thyra worked with her father as an apprentice throughout adolescents, training and forging, day and night just to survive. Until one day rumour struck down that The Darksun Guild was looking for promising recruits, her father ordered her to join wanting a better life for his daughter. After a pain-staking goodbye she made her way towards the Darksun's outpost where she rivalled against other recruits only one would succeed. Clan leader Dylan was bewitched by her skill and tolerance, the way she danced with the sword and adapted to the environment.
    Round after round indeed she was victorious, her fathers training proved very useful. Thyra joined a girl and become a woman. Meanwhile Dylan's attraction turned to that of love eventually they both fell into each others embrace. Adventure was their game. The guild travelled north for their annual Gathering, on that stormy night they was ambushed by Undead Knights. Ravishing down the guilds numbers, Thyra and Dylan both fought side by side. Bloody tears, sweat and shattered armour Dylan fell to his knees torn was his body and heart. Soon after Thyra fallen with a blow from mace which broke her small body, she layer beside him gazing into dead eyes until lulled with deaths slumber. Morning came as she awoke to an unfamiliar face "am I dreaming?!" she questioned. The hooded stranger picked up her body and took her to shelter where he swore she shall have vengeance, but this came with a price. Innocent to what the transformation may hold she approved. The mysterious man proceeded in incantation, the ritual given birth to first, and only female Vampyre. He slowly poisoned her with truth built upon ancient lies, more training and treachery took a fair few years until she was fully awakened. Riding off into the sunset bloodthirsty and burning with vengeance. She searched and destroyed the Undead Knights to discovery her new found ability Shadowmancery.

    Rumours spreaded through out town about the mysterious slaughter of Undead Knights and Darksun guild, but little did the people know. Thyra's father over heard the news and soon after passed away, some folk say he died of a broken heart. The Vampyre fled away from her homeland in shame and search of a meaning to her new born “life” of immortality. Almost loosing grasp of humanity she held onto those harsh memories although it brought her endless misery, with tragedy she saw a beauty and called it her own. Meanwhile Thyra trained and battled to the best of ability, her heart was lost on the battlefield and there it shall remain. On her travels she met an intriguing man named Domitrix who had knowledge about her transformation and offered a place at The Order of Shadows.
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    -Name: Zhephrostoli

    -Aliases: Though Zhephrostoli has been given many titles, there are but two he associates with. Maverick Stone, his human alias given at birth, and Zheph, given to him by his uncle, Nyarlathotep.

    -Age: Umcalculable due to extensive travels between worlds, and various time fluxuations.

    -Race: Demigod/Antimancer

    -Practice: Vulgornian, a fighting style taught to all warriors of his father's home world, Vulgornia, designed to damage opponents down to the sub-atomic level.

    -Abilities: Along with the regenerative abilities, and astounding strength of a demigod, Zhephrostoli has also been trained in the Vulgornian sorcery of antimancy, the ability to harness antimatter.

    -Appearance: Most common of Zhephrostoli's guised is that of a well statured man, being of remarkable physical prowess. His long locks of silver, and ebony stream down his back, like a well groomed mane. His torso, and legs typically covered in a type of armor, asthetically consistent with that of leather. Gauntlets of a strange, black steel cover his hands, to his wrists. Skin of a pale white accent flawlessly irises of a sterling copper tone.

    -God-like Appearance:
    ~Profiles~ Nyarlathotep_by_lyconeus
    *Note: Zhephrostoli has only reverted to his god-like state a total of three times, aside from his initial ascension.

    -Weapons: Two silver pistols refered to as "Vanity" and "Lust", and a broadsword comprised of the same black steel as his gauntlets.

    -Weaknesses: After sustaining enough damage, Zhephrostoli cannot regenerate.


    Born in the world of Tebra, Zhephrostoli lived most of his life as a human, under the guise of Maverick Stone. It was not until a great war had wreaked upon the land, did he discover his powers. In the midst of combat, Maverick had momentarily lost his sanity and maimed his dear friend, later to be lover, Claire. The damage she had suffered at his hands caused her right arm to require amputation. It was then that Maverick decided to abolish war from his repituar, and became a biophyisic engineer. All to help his friend recover from her trauma.

    This was a short lived choice, however. With the land of Tebra on the brink of annihilation at the hands of the celestial deity, Azathoth, Maverick's uncle, the Vulgornian god Nyarlathotep, revealed to him his purpose. It was soon after that Maverick began to ascend into his full potiential, and become the demigod, Zhephrostoli.

    After a decade endured struggle, and the aid of his uncle's training, Zhephrostoli finally defeated Azathoth. Having given up his position of power upon the Cosmogies, Zhephrostoli lived out two full lifetimes with his wife, Claire, and his son, Tyson. Upon Tyson's passing, the demigod was given one final offer by the Cosmogies, to replace one Nicholi Maelstrome.

    Eager to accept the offer, and begin a new life for himself, Zhephrostoli had no idea what would be in store. Given the daunting task of destroying worlds deemed corrupted by the cosmogies, the stress alone began to deform what little values, and morals he had.

    Finally, at the end of his fifth cycle of duty, Zhephostoli was approached by a dear friend of Nicholi, Mintaboo Estreal. Instead of destroying a planet, Mintaboo required Zhephostoli's aid in the salvation of one. Seeing this as a nice change of pace from his typical duties, the demigod did not question the immortal's intentions, of motivation, and willingly accepted.

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