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    Prologue and Foreword


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    Prologue and Foreword Empty Prologue and Foreword

    Post  Admin on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:01 pm

    It is a set of pages inside a big book in the Serene Sunset Study that speaks about the history of Arelith and the Order. In this topic, at random times, i will place an entry dealing with a part in history. It can be about many random subjects, small or huge, like from the fountain in the Plaza to the towers of the Magistrates. Check in every now and then if you want to learn something new.

    "It is said that to pave the cobblestones of a brighter future for our realms, we must atone for our mistakes in the form of writing. That we must acquire it's knowledge through the feats published at our doorsteps. And for that we must, in this search for this light, amend for the sins of our fathers, with the free hand carrying the torch of a shimmering hope. One that our kinfolk still hold dear in the grasp of their cindered ashes. It is for them that we fight, and for our children as to why the victories shall come in the reap of harvest. Under the same star and sky." - Lord Devilin Domitrix Exodus.

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