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    A few decades ago, Domitrix, Baron Izellis, Portmaster Falus, and other head architects and lead engineers discussed the possibility of expanding the Order. They were planning to set a compound in another inning across Eldralece. The intent of the compound was to flourish into a sister city. The Martyrs had an exact vision of where the distinct Magistrates would emerge, and thus there was a set of them in the mountain confine directly to the almost northeast (leaning more towards the eastern direction). And since there already existed a waterfall in its exact meet, the project may be a success. Both cascades unite in the Eldralece River. The question is, who would they choose to pioneer Areliths expansion project and reside as Vice Magistrate in the newfound city. Mayhaps when the warring ends, there may be time to think on that subject.

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