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    Sentinels and Sentries (lower ranked Sentinels) are the distinct guards that flow in and out of the Magistrates and major gathering areas like the SS Tavern and the Sky Garden. Each Sentinel is unique in uniform, with the hues of their armors pertaining to each Magistrate. The Magistrate of Shadows, obsidian ancient brigandine fullplates, Arcane, blood and bronze tint hanging chainmail pauldroned jousters, Tempest, emerald and jade influenced crusadian egress winged full helms, and so on. Also with varying weaponry, Shadows being war scythes and executioner swords, Arcane, kris and claymores, Tempest, bo staves and warmage rods, Maelstrom, javelins and twin blades. The only rank of Sentinel and Sentry alike that exceeds the rest is the barbarian elite known as Berserkers. Heavily armored warlords with destructive weaponry. Mainly used for the war campaigns of Eldralece as impenetrable frontlinesmen. They embark in a flight during a war holding the formation of a long wall. Their only weakness is the rear of their torso. The only unit in the city however, resides within the walls of the Drying Gallows dungeon keep, as the rest of the grand nation's inner wall security resides mainly upon the Sentinel and their commanding White Lotus Knight troops.

    There exists such an elite group of soldiers that pertain strictly to the capital of Arelith. They are the White Lotus Knights. Unlike the Berserkers, who's purpose is to fortify the walls of the vanguards in wars between opposition and The Order, the White Lotus are not as drenched in impregnable platemails. They are the officer faction of the higher social classes. All including the Walk of Elixis and other federal buildings or landmarks. They are disntinguished by a white robe that decors their finely latched white silver platemails with gold trimmings. The Arelithian crests are branded into the pauldrons of such armors.

    The Knighthood of the White Lotus have their own eccentric enigma of training styles. Some would serve news that their minds are cold and loyal, ready to offer their bodily vessel for any life within the Empire.

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