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    A Tainted Entertainment?


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    A Tainted Entertainment? Empty A Tainted Entertainment?

    Post  Admin on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:20 pm

    There was much debate over the actual execution of the Saints Cloud project. Domitrix and a few councilmen including the other Magistrates sat down for months on end to deliberate over the question: "Even though its demand will be well sought after, and the profit mark will serve the best form of evidence that this idea will flourish, is it possible that the society/nation of Areliths honor will be tainted if we add a nightclub. Will it, is the idea, a mature enough form of entertainment worthy enough to be the next addition. For profit is not everything. Clearly there are standards. It is obvious that we could house narcotics trafficking or build brothels to be twice as wealthy." So in entirety imagine how advanced in honor is the Order, that even a nightclub was debated.

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