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    Rayne Ganesasha Amexhold (Reference within The Chronicles of the Order), was a young lad of surpassing potential whence it came to the art of war. Adopted into the Orders ranks along with his younger sister, Rhapsody, Rayne proved to be a soldier of fortune time and time again. His drive to advance, infact, was at such a level of infatuation, that when Domitrix denied him entry into the Magistral Hierarchy, he went ballistically rebellious and defected from the ranks and nation completely. Many witnesses, and close friends and comrades, labelled to see symptoms upon the male of usage of narcotics. At such an extravagant amount that impaired his judgement and psyche, eventually leading him into the life of betrayal and debauchery as The Fallen Paladin, a hunted Mark of the Order.

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