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    Henry Jaycob Lawgendale, a late Order engineer and architect of unrivaled expertise proportions, built the third largest airship, the S.S. Lawgendale. Armed to the teeth with a ruthless defense mechanism system, the Lawgendale flew to countless stretches across the world. Over mountains, seas, and valleys. It was infamous for its waste of giving chase to, as anyone who would dare that attempt would meet face to face with heavy repelling cannonfire in such that would be described as a sound similar to a large building collapsing. The Lawgendale was sent as a vanguard destroyer ship in the attempts to conquer the overrun Darivenia, but was shot down by the Kromen Fire Falcons, an elite branch of elementalist soldiers within the worldly reknown Kraken Mallet Crime Syndicate. The fated Henry Lawgendale, worshipped entrepeneur and beloved father and husband, was aboard the ship on that fateful day.

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