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    At the genesis of the Order, many centuries ago, there were many journeys of immigrant outcasts that found peace with the offered liberty of the Martyrs. These crusade-like migrations were called "Flights". In the first migrational Flight to what would later become Arelith, the seventh building ever to be constructed on that ground was actually the Serene Sunset Tavern. Since then, it has actually underwent 525 different renovations for plumming and such, including its eventual upgraded stories of the Arena, Study, Spa, and the Boarding Dorms whom which occupy the higher two floors. It wasnt up until recent times that the Midlight Sky Garden became the final touch upon the roof of the Tavern. Even though in the beginning there were no Dormatories, because everyone owned homes and such. But after a huge Flight of Dwarves a while back, the SST decided to adopt the boarding capabilities. Due to the need of economic balance with the increase of census.

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