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    It seems as though because of its worldly action, many have funded, if not participated within the creation of today's Order. The Order of Shadows, to be exact, planetary warriors and hired mercenaries... it some regions, including Arelith themselves, have been debating whether or not to fund any more mercenary forces. Since many brave souls have only wished to grow and journey to Arelith to fight for the sake of the planet. And so, as of quite recent (Era 2, D329) have vowed to cease the global request for foreign forces for money. Instead, they have perhaps bumped up the harvest to paid lodging, food, and equipment maintenance. Along with any spoils reaped throughout the hunts to purchase one's own home and to thrive in life at Arelith. Once, if not continued of course, having sworn allegiance to The Order and invested a minimum of two years within its active branches of military deployment under orders of the Magistrate Committee.

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