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    Unknown to many, ironically, is the time scenes of the world of Arelith. As its pre-recorded sequences involve "Pre-Era". "Pre-Era" is the obvious time dating as far back as possible before the official installment of The Order in Arelith. Studied by countless chronologists, the truce met far at the final decision to choose which timeline to define us. It was then, that the "Era" method came into play. The history books of Arelith all refer to the initial date being "Era 1, D1".. Era being the entirety of the term served by its leader... At the time, King Solomdus Arelith Echenia, the brave Knight fellow Martyr of Acrypt felled long ago. And so the times went on as expected: "Era 1, D2", "Era 1, D3", etc.... Now with Domitrix serving as Grand Magistrate, the date has been afterwards switched to "Era 2, D1" and from then on, up until recent times. The D equal to the statement 'day'.

    After the end of the King's age in Arelith, (Era 1, D219,630), The Order sought to reform its governmental and diplomatic engine from a Monarchy to a "Magistrom". The act of course, was pioneered by Domitrix and his loyalists. He being the final Martyr alive, royal heir to the throne after Luningrad, whom perished long before, vowed to leave the Age of Kings behind him, honoring his fearless leader. Crowning him the grave title of the "Last King of Earth". That being so, he appointed himself as Grand Magistrate from there on. Diving the rapidly expanding branches of the Magistrom of Arelith into a future properly manuevered by the correct form of government. And so was born Era 2, one forfeit of Monarchy.

    In its prime listing, the time sequence of Arelith has retreated into the more.. scientific studies and aquired data. As many of the population still hold other custom fancies like the names of months and such. Only to which of course, hold the proper ceremonies for cultural and religious festivities or holidays... Still though, at the peaks of The Order, the exact terminologies at our timelines are and perhaps forever will be depicted by the Era method.

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