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    Xhiang Zou Li, the province to the near southeast of Arelith, beyond the prairies south of the southern Rhemasis mountain border, is a land that has was second to be sworn into The Order's alliances after its birth. Xhiang Zou Li did not hesitate in opening a trade route to aid the cause of this new land under Solmodus, also seeming as how the newly founded Arelith was, and still is, its only, or rather closest, neighbor... Because of the honorable favor of finding the vaccine of the Detromus Fatale virus a while back, Domitrix and the Magistral Council awarded them with the 'Key to Arelith' as a token of The Order's loyalty and appreciation... As if miracle, the manmade virus could not gather enough potency to the vaccine. Many still wonder as to how that remedy was conjured. Xhiang Zou Li's leaders simply smile and comment: "The faith of the human heart."

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