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    The Structure of a People


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    The Structure of a People Empty The Structure of a People

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    Just after the Mercenary Cease Act of Era 2, D239, the city began to structure itself into a more fitting nation reflecting their civil prosperities. Eventually, dividing the society of the residential Arelith, into three distinct social classes. Class 1: The Plebeian, the backbone of our city's labor pool. Plebeians work in all resource-related jobs, from farming and industry to manning markets and trade depots.

    The second or "Middle" class: Equites, provide all city services, staffing healthcare, education, entertainment and religious facilities. Equites aso serve the city tax collectors and the Magistral Council. And the third "High" class: The Patricians, housing multiple lavish estates within Arelith's more elegant districts. Usually retired successful veterans or mercenaries from The Order's ranks, settling in a bustly civil life with their families. Some fancying further business in trade and stock.

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