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    The Arelithian mainland is in constant trade with Nuvera. A large yet scarcely inhabbited island to the north. Almost nearing northwest of the Order's capital. Unlike the Xhiang Zou Li oriental province passing the southeastern mountain range of Rhemasis, which is accesible by foot, Nuvera lies at a fair distance beyond the Harem Ocean.. The pioneer father of the Gate Captain Drakus Crove, Olem Crove, was the first to establish a communion with the people of Nuvera. Seeming as how he too once served as second in command to Portmaster Falus. The isle and its people have properly set up multiple logging and mining camps. And their precious Lauan and Cypress woods of tough shell exteriors have been a sought after material. Including, also, their mines that house Gold, Iron, Copper, and Galena. Suitable for the industry's pursuit of bronze and jewelry. Rumor has it that Nuvera's harsh winters and frigid tundras have fortified the treelife.

    Oddly, instead of depleting its vegetation. In some areas around the low temperatured land, fresh water still rests in a few hot springs. Native to the land and its dwellers. Ones whom seem to struggle with an urban calamity of a creature named the Frozen Wyrms. A feared and slithery beast of massive size and length that often terrorize villagers, and has survived to adapt in Nuvera's colder climates. Mostly also along its icey undergrounds.

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