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    Within its constancy, just after its genesis where the Mark Hunt system was adopted, The Order endured a few heavy flights of espionage citizens sent by other rivaling nations to spy on their settlement and serve as reconaissance units. The neighboring empires grew very curious as to what the small group of outcasts led by the Martyrs were capable of doing. Although, seemingly there were no hostile missions, and the spies only served to rally information back and forth. In this time, new to the Order's first Era's form of government, the military needed to concrete a foundation worthy of prosperity. Especially within its delicate military branch and the messaging of all Mark Parchments and convoys that transported the Sundries. So, in its entirety, they later formed a secret 'code' to signify who was a loyal and who was a spy. They wanted it to be clever so they derived the term, "For the Order!" as a requisite of password, with the key being, "Under Star and Sky".

    This was infact, the most successful terminology to be used and has been henceforth used even today. The false pretenders whom weren't original to Arelith would reply the statement by repeating "For the Order!" and would be identified. Not publically, but by awkward glance and proper conduct of labeling them within a mental note. Eventually seperating them from the rest of the Arelith Natives. In its roots, "Under Star and Sky" is used as the correct passcode, it derived from the Celestial Oath, one of which is read and requested to comply by to every newcoming Marksman.

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