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    Henry Jaycob Lawgendale, the late hero of the failed 'Raid of Darivenia', during the second wave of airship strikes, had his ideals imbursed directly by one man. Resilius Bacchus Croft, was one such fellow, whom believed in idealism to serve motor into the future of the constantly developing world. As he has been the Portmaster over the Skydocks of Dalbinastre for more than three decades. His wisdom has proven to be as swift and as artistic as the winds. Actually atonymizing that of Portmaster Falus, the Naval Commander of Veganhein, whom knew a ruthless barbaric discipline of sailors borderlining that of noble pirates. Croft on the other hand, remained an intelligent and wellspoken individual in his career at The Order, and has henceforth earned himself a vast number of accomplishments. Ones that he cherishes very honorably, brandished upon his formal attires.

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