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    The Birth of the Mark Empty The Birth of the Mark

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    The uniqueness surrounding probably the most politically advanced city in the world, Arelith, is that just before its mass inhabitance, the Martyrs of Acrypt came to a conclusion. Although it began as a vast migration of refugee outcasts from just about every single nation around the globe, its views were clear, hunting game threats. The seeking and terminating of targets that posed a great danger to the rest of society. That was perhaps the only hope they had to redeem their social status, not to those whom desired to remain secluded, but for the majority vote of men, women, and children whom wished to see their families one day. And so the Martyrs decided to create the settlement of Arelith in the most accessible position upon a two dimensional catrographical plane. Hence, Arelith, in the world, is actually located at the very unity of the four hemispheres, making it equally distant from any conflict within an emerging area keen to the expose of threat. In fewer words, Arelith is infact the center of the world. Though of course, this came into public knowledge after its vow to disown seclusion as a nation, roughly near 700-900 years ago.

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