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    The breed of Lord Devilin Domitrix Exodus is a strange one indeed. Infact, before his siring into Vampyrism by incantation and ritual a few thousand years back, he pertained to hold blood of a kind very similar to humans. Although identical in appearance, many were oblivious to the understanding of these creatures and labeled them as witches and warlocks, shunned by common society. They were called Dwellers by the folk, opposing their eventually forgotten name as ancients of the earth. Regardingly, this human-like race, whom aged and contracted diseases the exact same way, were a bit more intouch with their elemental affinities. Most possessed a hightened sense of magickal affinity, like earth, wind, fire, and water. Later, with the evolution of a people as an interbreeding race, many mated with other races alike, such as nymphs, or demons.

    These strange combinations altered the elemental genetic structure and therefor even created further branches due to the combinations of blood mixes. For example lightning or electricity as a sole sub-element, or ice and snow as another. In their initial introduction to the world, they called themselves the Genasi. And with their unconditional love for the planet as a whole, were later hunted due to many whom failed to understand them. They said that their magicks were of the devil, and cursed anyone with the markings of the Genasi.

    Domitrix on the other hand, lived roughly 21 years as a Genasi before his siring by the infamous dark knight, Sir Cyrus Bloodhound, first generation Vampyre under Lord Mephisto. It was due to Dom's strange blood, that the siring went so well, only to induce his evolution into Shadowpyrism and the only Pyre to evolve since their genesis. There currently exists only one Shadowpyre in the world, but the population of Genasi went under society's mantle, finding retreat in their hiding. Who knows if any Dwellers, or rather Genasi, still exist in the world. Mayhaps one day we may find out.

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