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    Stories to feed to the children about the felled God of War, Eldralece, have spread throughout the centuries of Arelith. The most popular of them being of the war grounds just beyond Elixis... Legend has it, to the mythologists, that the wargrounds were hued a tainted dark red color due to the constant battles and brave soldiers whom gathered around the world to meet their end there. There is such a lost body count within that land that it is considered the 'Graveyard of the Heavens' or rather, 'Sanguine Sea'... the truth of that matter had nothing to do with the battles infact. Eldralece housed its presumed location along the Eldralece river. Scientists and agriculturists have proven that the water from Rhemasis cascades is so pure, that it turned the earth virgin and ripe of ultimate resources. Causing it to become red within many, many millenia.

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